Group Classes

Based on traditional yoga teachings, slow-flowing Hatha yoga classes encourage good alignment, build strength and flexibility and are fun!

People are drawn to yoga for a number of very good reasons. It is now generally accepted that yoga can improve health and wellbeing, help to manage chronic conditions and stress, as well as offer space for detachment and meditation. So much more than a workout, yoga can involve the whole body and mind, help to channel energies and bring life into balance.

Michaela’s Hatha classes establish the breath as starting point for physical movement. Postures are introduced gradually, with variations that make the practice either more accessible or more challenging, depending on each student’s needs.

Please note: I am currently taking a break from teaching group classes. I will be returning to yoga studies and continuing my personal practice with Paul Harvey.

BWY Foundation Course

A great choice for those who wish to learn more about Yoga history and philosophy, as well as take their practice beyond the weekly yoga class.

The 60 hour Foundation Course, validated by the British Wheel of Yoga, is suitable for anyone with an interest in deepening their understanding of yoga and with a regular class attendance for about two years. Movement limitations should not prevent anyone from successfully completing the course. 

The Foundation Course covers yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques, Hatha energetics, Mantra and Chakra. There are talks and discussions about core Yoga texts as well as their relevance in everyday life. 

Please note: I am not accepting new applications at the moment.

Individual Classes

One-to-one yoga sessions to complement class attendance, address longer-term health issues, or work as a stand-alone method of progression in yoga.

During a one-to-one session you can expect to define your goals in yoga, review your current range of movement, receive in-depth feedback on particular postures, advice on which poses to practice, and receive a tailor-made practice plan. Follow-up sessions ensure you receive ongoing support and a practice routine that grows with you.

Whilst group classes are fun and help many people to keep motivated, they may not always be suitable. One-to-one yoga sessions can complement group class attendance, address longer-term health issues, or serve as a stand-alone practice method to progress deeper into yoga. For more information please contact Michaela.